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Chinese Website Building

Ready to bring your brand to over 800 million Chinese internet users – many of whom actively seek out Western brands? Our solutions begin with the creation of a new or localised Chinese website to meet your target audience’s needs. With our Chinese digital marketing expertise, Chinese customers will soon be seeking out your products and services.

China Content & Influencer Marketing

In-market language is all that matters for China content marketing. Our Chinese experts build penetrative content in the most cultural and localized context. These are taken steps further for organic leads and brand trust with our data intelligence and 1,000+ media networks combined for articles releases on Chinese portal sites such as Sohu (搜狐), ifeng (凤凰网), Douban (豆瓣), and Chinse knowledge-sharing platforms similar to Quora, such as Zhihu (知乎) and Baidu Zhidao (百度知道) for trustworthy Q&As. This strategy is especially useful for industries that are restricted on ad promotions.

China Paid & Organic Search Engine Marketing

Google wins over the world’s search engine marketing – but not in China. Being the key player, China’s Baidu takes over an approximate 65% of China’s market share with the American tech company only occupying an inconspicuous 3%. We’re talking about a different spectrum on techniques, trends & algorithm of SEM and SEO, advertising account verification and restraining ad policies. Sounds dizzying? Don’t worry, count on us and we’ll take care of the rest with our big data.

China Social Media Marketing

There’s no need to re-emphasize the activeness of Tencent’s WeChat & Weibo in China, but our offerings are in a much wider landscape. Fueled by broadly extracted audience insights, we strategically help you reach 1 billion+ Chinese social users, effectuate and maintain your brand exposure with the hottest topics and trends in China across top players such as Tencent QQ (腾讯QQ), Wechat (微信), Weibo (微博), Douyin (抖音) and Xiaohongshu (小红书).

Targeted Online Advertising

Make online advertising in China easy with our integrated and effective solutions. Using the cutting-edge and intelligent digital advertising platform in China, we can optimise your online marketing campaign and ensure that your ads are seen by the right audience. Naturally, we also provide in-depth analytics to evidence results.

China Digital Services

Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency in Shanghai

KOL Marketing

We recruit influencers to help promote your Brand on Chinese Social Medias. A great tool for increasing sales.

Wechat Marketing

Wechat is more than a messaging app, it’s the #1 Social Network in China. And Should be included in your strategy.


Tmall is the biggest e-commerce platform and the best way to sell massively in China. We will help you get you in

Ctrip Registration

Enter the biggest Chine OTA to promote your tours, hotel, restaurant, mall… If you want to play big, Ctrip is your way to go.

TikTok/ Douyin

Douyin is the platform to be, it has become one of the best platforms to advertize on. Smart & Fun, it is the next Wechat.

Account Setup

Get all of your Chinese marketing accounts created fast, securely, and with as little hassle as possible – even if you don’t have a corporation in China.

Cross Border E-Commerce

A great opportunity to enter the chinese market

Chinese Branding

Given the vast differences between the Chinese and English languages, “translating” a brand name is not a simple task.